The green amazons tend to use a combination of physical attacks and light magic attacks to take down their foes. They tend to use pretty direct attacks--not fancy, but effective! Helene and Ashi are tough front row fighters, while Andromeda, Phoebe, and Anex shine at range. Most have a powerful nuke, an attack that puts the enemy in a very bad scenario. Their representative color is Green.


Amazon women were a force to be feared in ancient Greece, female warriors who stood toe to toe with their male enemies and slaughtered them without mercy. Though their kingdom has greatly diminished as civilization bred the savagery from their culture, the land of Amazonia still burns with the unrealized ambitions of their ancient grandmothers. A new generation has come to power, one not content to rule what land has been left them by years of polite wars and table politics. These women armed themselves in their ancient armor and brutally killed the first foreign ambassador who came to their court.

They plundered the old treasuries and museums, searching for weapons that would strengthen them for battle. Only five of the True Relics their ancestors had used still held power, but they were more than enough to push the warrior women toward victory.

The Amazons once again went to war.

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