The Brotherhood of Knights was the second set to be released in the 2nd generation of Kongai characters, on Friday 25th June 2010. The four "good" Knights use physical and light attacks whilst the fallen knight Rathbone only uses dark attacks. Their lack of dark resistance is evident, as Bracers is a popular item to equip, despite being strictly worse than Tiger's Claw. It's also a symptom that their items are relatively weak. Most of them have at least one hard-hitting move ("nuke") and can attack at both ranges, though most Knights prefer to be at close range. Their representative color is Blue.


Little is known about the Knight Brotherhood; although the organization spans nearly every continent of the globe, its methods and true purpose have been kept a closely guarded secret for centuries.

Whenever the knights appear, rumors flow in their wake. Some speculate that without the knights watching over mankind, an evil darkness would envelope the whole of human society.

Rumors escalated when Rathbone began acting on his own accord, sometimes in conflict with his former knight allies. No one is certain whether Rathbone was ejected or if he left by his own free will, but a dark air seems to follow wherever he goes, and superstitious villagers have linked his appearance to locust infestations.

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