Martial artists are a series of Japanese-styled ninja and karate fighters. Their representative color is Maroon.


For centuries a lost clan of warriors took refuge in the hidden mountains of Japan, honing their skills and biding their time until once again the Daimyo would call them to battle. As the years passed their numbers may have faltered, but never their resolve, their drive towards the perfection of bushido. When against all tradition a son of the village turned his back on his teachings and left the mountain, the last surviving master and his three remaining students were forced to follow, to try to stop whatever harm their wayward brother might do.

With them they took the most sacred relics of their arts, the tools and charms that had been passed down through the centuries from master to student, some once used by the most valiant warriors of samurai legend, others by the darkest of ninja assassins.

The world they found was a much different place than the one their forefathers had left.

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