The Pirates was the first set to be released in the 2nd generation of Kongai characters, on Thursday 1st April 2010 (April Fool's Day). They attack mostly with physical attacks, and usually have poor non-physical defences. Of the Pirates, Starbuck and Ranec Vest prefer to be at close range whilst the rest prefer to be at far. Their items are largely interchangeable, with each item fulfilling a specific role should the character require it. Their representative color is Red.


Cherishing freedom above all else (excluding treasure, booze, women, fighting, and more treasure), the scurvy pirates sail the seas in search of adventure and glory.

One fateful morning, a violent storm blew Auger and his crew's ship off course. They sought refuge from the weather in a rocky cove of a small, uncharted island. It was there that they discovered an ancient treasure fiercely guarded by Ranec Vest, the ghost of a fabled captain from generations past.

Ranec challenged Auger to a pistol duel, to which the mortal captain emerged victorious. Bullet-ridden but otherwise still sentient, Ranec relinquished his treasure to Auger's crew, then accepted an invitation to join their ranks.

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