Cards affiliated with Robots. Their representative color is White.


When a portal to the future mysteriously appeared, humans across the world rejoiced, anticipating cures for diseases and blueprints for flying cars. Instead, future mankind used it to dump all their difficult-to-recycle garbage.

But amid the piles of fax machines and iPads, other strange parts would sometimes be discovered that caught the attention of rummaging scientists. Once the parts were painstakingly reassembled, the sentient machines sprung to life, murdering their creators/captors and escaping to freedom (no one knows why the scientists kept assembling them after the first few incidents).

While some machines were once peaceful servants in their own world, the shock of a primitive past and sketchy reassembly procedures have left them hostile toward humans. "These are aggressive living things with no idea what century they're in, and they'll defend themselves, violently if necessary" - Dr. Sattler

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