Most of the vampires use powerful dark magic attacks, including many attacks that drain the opponent's life in order to restore their own life. Conversely, they are weak to light magic and tend to have only moderate physical defenses. Unlike the others, Vanessa Voss uses light magic, making her excellent at slaying the other vampires. Their representative color is Black.


Vampires have roamed the world for ages, a steady line of ancient demons passing their bloodthirst on to their successors - most losing their precious immortality at the hands of those very same successors. One vampire, however, has put an end to this self-destructive cycle. Ancient beyond measure, he has hand-picked his children from among the centuries and bound them to a common cause. For now a hunter with their blood stalks their daylight resting places and their rule over the night is in danger of being broken. Once loners and rebels, the vampires joined together to face this unprecedented threat.

The ancient one hoarded many dark, powerful items over the years, talismans that would lend his children vast and ancient power. The younger vampires took them, drinking in their strength like blood, less human with every breath.

The vampires stalked out into the night, bringing death to meet their enemies.

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