Cards affiliated with Villagers. The (tiki) villagers tend to be flexible, with a lot of tricks ranging from Ubuntus team buffs, Tefari's traps, and Jujus Touch of Doom, but lack damage overall, with only an unreliable Popo and Zina able to dish any real damage out. Their representative color is Dark Khaki/Brown.


The world is an old place, and it is within the deep island jungles that the oldest and darkest of its secrets are tended. A tribe of hunters and lorekeepers has protected the wisdom of the earth since its creation, fighting tirelessly against the modern world that claws at their sanctuary. But progress, like water, wears on even the most powerful of structures. It is a battle the tribe is losing. With a solemn decree and a savage war cry, the tribe decided to leave the shelter of their island and take the fight to the bright, plastic world encroaching on their solitude.

Before leaving, the wisest of them, knowing that the strength that was theirs inside the forest would fade as they left its borders, fashioned totems and weapons from the spirit of the jungle. Even the youngest of them knew what a sacrifice the island had made in giving these objects of power to the villagers. It would be defenseless until their return.

The old world had declared war on the new.

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