This page (will) list all possible character matchups and explains why and how certain matchups work.

Martial ArtistsEdit


Amaya vs OnimaruEdit

Amaya takes some damage from Sword Flurry, but can't be damaged by Double Slash due to Ninja-Port. Onimaru will try to use Ancestral Curse, then save up energy to move close and Sword Flurry for 36 damage before Amaya can Ninja-Port away. Amaya should aim to keep energy saved up to prevent Onimaru doing this, then using a Dark Chi Blast when Onimaru is too low on energy to close and attack.

Amaya vs AshiEdit

A bad matchup here for Amaya. Ashi will choose to use Bleeding Slice, which will hit even if Amaya uses Ninja Port. It only takes two of these to kill Amaya. Even using Dark Chi Blast if the battle starts at range is dangerous as Ashi can survive the damage and a following Ninja Port. This battle may be salvageable if Amaya gets lucky with Shadow Curse and causes Ashi to mishit often. However, nine times out of ten this is an Ashi victory.

Amaya vs HeleneEdit

Again a bad matchup for Amaya. Helene will either Shield Bash and interrupt your Ninja-Port or Enchant Blade, to give her the additional Choice of dealing 60 damage with Frenzied Strikes. Shield Bashing Amaya's Ninja-Port will kill Amaya in four attacks. Luckily this uses too much of Helene's energy, allowing Amaya to Ninja-Port and threaten with Dark Chi Blast. Unfortunately, Helene can survive a Ninja-Port and Dark Chi Blast, but then only requires another Ninja-Port to defeat. If Amaya Ninja-Ports when Helene uses Enchant Blade, Helene can close range and use Frenzied Strikes, or Sword Slash (which can still defeat Amaya in two attacks, and uses less energy). If Amaya Ninja-Ports away after Helene closes range and attacks, then Dark Chi Blast can threaten while Helene rests. Starting at long range increases Amaya's chances, but is still at a disadvantage.

Amaya vs JujuEdit

Ninja-Port out-speeds all Juju's close attacks and Hex only causes 10 damage. However, Juju survives a Dark Chi Blast on full health, and can defeat Amaya in five turns at range with four Curse of Juju. Amaya can wear Juju down with resting and multiple Dark Chi Blasts winning a battle of attrition against repetetive Healing Touch by Juju. Also, Shadow Curse can be used to make Curse of Juju miss more often. This is generally an Amaya win, unless Amaya gets unlucky.

Amaya vs CorneliusEdit

Amaya has the advantage due to the fact that Ninja-Port is faster than Pilebunker. Amaya may also disable certain moves that Cornelius absolutely needs in order to put up a fight against Amaya. A clever opponent will close range when possible to avoid a Dark Chi Blast, and use Voidstream to wear down dark resistances and cause increasing damage. Scroll of Inner Focus turns the advantage more towards Amaya, whereas a Ring of Curses or a Necronomic Tome turns the advantage toward Cornelius.

Amaya vs Vanessa VossEdit

Double Slash can defeat Amaya in a single round if it lands a critical hit. The outcome of this battle relies mainly on luck with Amaya disabling Vanessa's Double Slash at close. Amaya should Ninja-Port away and threaten with Dark Chi Blast. Vanessa may well choose to use Ray of Light after Amaya Ninja-Ports, followed by a Radiance Burst, which will kill Amaya. Hope to disable a part of this with Amaya's Innate too.


Onimaru vs Cornelius Edit

Very one-sided matchup for Cornelius. Cornelius can constantly switch to far range to blast away with Voidstream and even do quite a bit of damage close range with Pilebunker. In addition, Double Slash is dangerous to use because of Hypnotic Stare. Because of Cornelius's innate, Onimaru cannot use Ancestral Curse, making Sword Flurry only capable of dealing 18 damage. Ancestral Spirit is also fairly ineffective against Voidstream, because it is slower and has a chance to miss. It is possible - though statistically unlikely - to cause a Stalemate with repeated castings of Ancestral Spirit, allowing Onimaru to get close at full energy. All in all, it's a very hard matchup for Onimaru.



Yoshiro vs AmayaEdit

Chi Blast is faster than all of Amaya's moves. At close range, Yoshiro should have no trouble winning. Amaya's Ninja-Port is rendered close to useless because Rising Dragon deals 21 damage, setting up Chi Blast for the kill. The best chance for Amaya is to use Shadow Curse and, like always, try to get lucky.





Andromeda vs YoshiroEdit

This one Andromeda should take. Despite Yoshiro's dodging, Rain of Arrows is very effective against him as it does massive damage against Yoshiro. At long range and without an Scroll of Inner Focus, Yoshiro can only use Chi Blast once, which doesn't do enough damage to kill Andromeda and leaves him vulnerable to a follow up Rain of Arrows. With a Scroll of Inner Focus, Yoshiro still has to worry about Andromeda's Lightning Arrow as it interrupts Yoshiro's Chi Blast. Even starting from close range, Andromeda should take this matchup as she has enough energy to run to long range (once or twice), and shoot Rain of Arrows twice without needing to rest or switch. If Yoshiro gives chase, this deprives him of possible Chi Blast tactics and can be very risky if he doesn't stun Andromeda. Yoshiro may sometimes try Chi Reflect at long range because Yoshiro could be worried about a Lightning Arrow or Trueshot although Andromeda should rarely ever use Trueshot against Yoshiro.

Andromeda vs Rathbone

This matchup mostly relies on the rate at which Rathbone uses Domination, although it is mostly in Andromeda's favor. Rathbone doesn't always stay close in the first turn, so that should give Andromeda an oppritunity to get far and attack. If Rathbone stays close, however, he can either Dominate for a bench-blaster or do major damage with Heart of Darkness. After this, his energy will be too low to change range, allowing Andromeda to get far. At long range, Andromeda has several options. She can either use Rain of Arrows to hit Rathbone if he flees, or chance a one-hit-kill with Trueshot. Beware, however, that a Domination can stop both of those. The best bet in that situation is to use Lihgtning Arrow. It costs nothing, can outrun all of Rathbone's attacks, and does a modest 18 damage. If Rathbone Dominates and Andromeda used Lightning Arrrow, Rathbone can't dominate and Andromeda has enough energy for all of her attacks. This allows Andromeda to kill with Trueshot. During this fight, Andromeda can also use Crippling Shot to prevent a possible Heart of Darkness.


Ashi vs Cornelius Edit

An incredibly difficult fight for Ashi as she has to guess when Cornelius will throw out his Hypnotic Stare as it reflects Ashi's most damaging attacks. Basically, Ashi has to rest or throw an Axe Handle whenever Cornelius uses Hypnotic Stare and use Bleeding Slice or Signature Slice when he doesn't. One slightly good thing for Ashi is that Hypnotic Stare can't be used two rounds in a row. Things go a little better for Ashi if she has the Valkyrie's Charm(+1 speed to attacks), as now Bleeding Slice can't be reflected by Hypnotic Stare. Ashi can force Cornelius out of play with Power Swing. This would avoid a Pilebunker, but beware that if Cornelius uses Hypnotic Stare, Ashi will be forced out of play. Another thing that makes this matchup difficult is Voidstream. Because it only costs 20 energy and works at both ranges, Cornelius can range dance and attack Ashi at far where she can't hurt him.


Helene vs OnimaruEdit

A sure win for Helene. Although you might be tempted to try Enchant Blade, Onimaru will quickly negate it with Sword Flurry. Onimaru will most likely use Ancestral Spirit in order to lessen the damage from Frenzied Strikes, followed up by Ancestral Curse. After that, Onimaru gets to do 52 damage from Double Slash. In order to win this, start off with Frenzied Strikes to do 42 damage. If Onimaru uses Ancestral Spirit, follow it up with Enchant Blade. Onimaru will then use Sword Flurry in an attempt to stop a huge amount of damage. Simply use Sword Slash, and then finish Onimaru off with a Frenzied Strikes. In the beginning, if Onimaru instead uses Ancestral Curse, use Shield Bash to stop a Double Slash, and then finish him off with Frenzied Strikes. As long as you play smart, it should be a sure-win for Helene. (Assuming both characters are at full hp, full energy.)

Helene vs Rathbone

An ok matchup for Helene. Rathbone won't take much damage unless you use Enchant Blade. However, if Rathbone opens with Domination, it will be interupted. He can also use Domination to force an enchanted Helene to do massive damage to her team, but this works best at far where Helene can't use Frenzied Strikes. At close, Rathbone's Heart of Darkness can do some massive damage, but it also leaves the door open for an Enchant Blade. Once she does, Frenzied Strikes can do 60 damage to Rathbone, making it an instant kill. However, Heart of Darkness has a 50% chance to reduce your damage, which will prevent a 60 damage instant kill. Items are important in this matchup as Ring of Bravery can allow Rathbone to kill Helene by using Heart of Darkness twice, if the debuff procs. Sacred Candle can make Helene immune to Heart of Darkness's debuff.


Phoebe vs RumikoEdit

Phoebe should win this matchup. The only chance of Rumiko winning is to get close with Phoebe and Eviscerate. If all goes well, Phoebe should be stunned, allowing Rumiko to rest and repeat. After two Eviscerates, Rumiko should then go with a Poison Dart, and allow Phoebe to switch ranges. However, the major flaw in this strategy is that Eviscerate only has a 70% chance of stun. If Phoebe and Rumiko start at far range, this is a sure win for Phoebe-if they both start at close range, Rumiko has a 49% chance of winning. Not bad, but the odds go to Phoebe in both close and far range.



Juju vs AmbrosiaEdit

At close, Juju needs one Touch of Doom, and can survive 4 turns, unless Ambrosia continually procs Spiked Boots. At far, Ambrosia needs 5 Bleeding Rituals for (6+12+18+24+24=84), whereas Juju needs 4 Curse of Juju. (Note that this will not kill Ambrosia until the end of turn 5.) Both Juju's innate and his Healing Touch effectively negate one Ritual each time they're used, giving him the advantage in this matchup.

Note: Because of a new update, it has been suggested that this match up has been rendered useless.



Tafari vs TafariEdit

Prepare for a long and boring match. This matchup will rely completely on luck. Basically, whoever gets Poison Dart to poison more wins. Do not try to use Hide or Leafy Trap, since Tafari can easily counter Hide by switching to far, and Leafy Trap by not using Hide. All in all, this will be decided by the items Tafari is carrying, and luck with Poison Dart.




Ambrosia ThornEdit

Ambrosia vs OnimaruEdit

Onimaru can significantly damage Ambrosia with Double Slash if he can survive through her Spectral Choke for 40 damage. Spectral Choke is faster than Double Slash, though, which is a bonus for Ambrosia.

Its probably best to switch out of this matchup as Ambrosia if she cannot do Spectral Choke and kill Onimaru to avoid taking a Double Slash.

Moving long and hitting intercept can help against Onimaru in some situations because it disables his ability to move close and Double Slash twice unless he has Scroll of Inner Focus.

Ambrosia vs YoshiroEdit

Ambrosia is not well suited to fighting Yoshiro on his own terms. He can stun her which hurts her very much with all of her low speed moves and he also does more damage at far than Ambrosia.

Generally you want to switch her in as Yoshiro is at 40 or less life and 45 or less energy, as with most characters.

If Ambrosia is Close and at 80+ energy, she has a slightly better than 50% chance of winning as two Spectral Chokes will kill Yoshiro from full HP. She would need 40-58 HP depending. Assuming both are at full HP this match is in Ambrosia's favor as even with General's as Yoshiro would need to get two stuns. If Ambrosia has Tome this match is even more in her favor.

He will likely try to stun Ambrosia even though it is a low chance to succeed. If Ambrosia has Necronomic Tome equipped she can try to maintain parity by doing Vamp Kiss to heal the damage that Yoshiro does as Ambrosia gets him down to 40 or less in total life. Once Yoshiro is at 40 or lower life Ambrosia should try for the kill with Spectral Choke.

Ambrosia vs Cornelius Constantine Edit

Generally you do not want to be in this matchup as Ambrosia, feel free to switch out if you think you can get away with it at any point. Constantine will generally want to move close and Pilebunker if possible for a chance at a one shot kill. If you think he will do so try to switch out and if you don't think you can do so safely consider trying to use Vamp Kiss to get above 48 life or try to use Spiked Boots to stun him.

If Ambrosia is at long range at the beginning of the encounter, she can do well by chain casting Bleeding Ritual. He will initially be doing less than 24 from Voidstream while she gets the whole 24 from Bleeding Ritual. It is possible to get a small lead in life this way and it may transpose into the previous case after a few voidstreams from Constantine.

Ambrosia vs HeleneEdit

Generally another matchup that you are not thrilled to be in.

Ambrosia can tank Helene if she has Girdle of Iron Will by using Spectral Choke without fear of Shield Bash. Since Ambrosia's normal item is the Necronomic Tome, consider going far and resting followed by going far the next turn after she enchants and tries to move close. This will give you the best chances as she does not know whether to rest or intercept.

If both are used as leads, go far and rest. She will either Switch or Enchant and move close. Once close use Kiss. Unless she Slashed and it proced you'll be at advantage and have a chance to win (higher if using Tome or Iron Will). You'll get one more Kiss and a Choke and if she didn't bash one of the Kisses you win, also it's likely she'll be expecting a switch and might mess up.

As with most characters, its better to sub her in when Helene is low on life and energy.

Ambrosia vs AshiEdit

Because Ashi's most damaging move is Signature Slice and with her most common item (Sharpening Stone) Bleeding Slice is a major threat, it is good strategy to try and go far, rest/intercept, go far, rest/intercept at the beginning of the match. This will put Ashi in the situation of having 50 energy and even if she rests and closes next turn she cannot single hit kill through Signature Slice.

Again, as with most characters, the lower Ashi's energy when Ambrosia switches in, the much better it is for her.

Cain SolomonEdit

Cain vs AmayaEdit

At close range, Cain's Tackle attack deals serious damage and can interrupt Ninja Port and Shadow Wrath. Amaya can suffer the damage in order to build up Shadow Curses, as a long term strategy, or move to far range for a Dark Chi Blast. At long range it's difficult for Cain to damage Amaya, but the low cost of his attacks makes it easy for him to avoid the Blast. If Cain can keep close, this matchup should favor him. Bad luck can see Tackle disabled and Shadow Curses can cause it to miss, which can improve Amaya's situation a great deal. However, it's hard for Amaya to land a solid blow as long as Cain keeps his energy up, so the most Amaya will probably get is a few Shadow Curses to aid other members of his team.

Cain vs HigashiEdit

This is a very tricky matchup for both sides. Depending on the items, and other situational effects, it can go either way. At close range Higashi will rely on Open Palm, which only needs to cast once to give Higashi the advantage. However, if both sides use Tackle and Open Palm, and Open Palm doesn't cast, the advantage will go to Cain. Also, Open Palm uses more energy and can allow Cain to switch to long range without the threat of the Chi Blast. At long range the Light Chi Blast is a major threat, but mostly if Cain is already damaged. Long range favors Cain if he has the energy advantage (which is why Higashi will rarely switch to long range).

Cain vs OnimaruEdit

This matchup favors Cain. Onimaru can win if he lands a Double Slash, but Tackle has a 45% of interrupting a slash, and the attack is energy intensive. To win all Cain needs to do is keep Onimaru from hitting with a Double Slash, and slip the occassional Voidstream in. As such, Onimaru will usually switch out, but a well timed intercept can put an end to that, and ignore all of Onimaru's pretty armor.

Cain vs YoshiroEdit

This is a brawl. On raw damage to damage, Cain beats out Yoshiro. However, a clever Yoshiro, especially one with the General's Insignia, can use Open Palm to avoid triggering Cain's innate. If he does that, then he can win with 3 hits to two Tackles. If the Palm casts and stuns Cain, then it's lights out. However, a straight across matchup is rare. Usually Yoshiro will be switched in to finish off a damaged Cain. If he has full energy and Cain has 20 or fewer HP, then Yoshiro can prevent Cain from range changing, switching out, or hitting with his innate enabled. Watch out for this trick! Don't let the opponent rob you of Cain's powerful last hit by bringing in Yoshiro.

Cain vs RumikoEdit

When starting at far Cain wins this matchup because Rumiko needs 3 turns to kill Cain using Shuriken Barrage. Cain only needs 2 turns to kill Rumiko using Rush of Batstwice. But when at close Rumiko can try to stun Cain using Eviscerate and then use Ninja-Port to get far. Then she will only need 2 Shuriken Barrages to kill him. When in this situation you can either stay at far range and switch or get close and attack/intercept.

Cornelius ConstantineEdit

Cornelius vs AmayaEdit

Repetitive use of going close and using Voidstream is Cornelius's best bet here. Although Amaya will Ninja-Port away each time, it slowly saps his energy and doesn't allow him to Dark Chi Blast Cornelius. The damage from Ninja-Port builds up over time, but so does Cornelius's Voidstream. Amaya using Scroll of Inner Focus allows the use of three Ninja-Ports to threaten with Dark Chi Blast turning the advantage towards Amaya; however, Cornelius equipped with Ring of Curses will turn the advantage in his favor due to the build up of miss percentage from Amaya's Ninja-Port. Keep in mind that Amaya always has the option of using Shadow Curse to make Cornelius miss more Voidstreams and Shadow Wrath if the match takes a long time.

Marquis Le MorteEdit

Vanessa VossEdit

Vanessa Voss vs Knight BestorEdit

Generally considered to be in the advantage of Voss, due to her high light resistance, however voss' relatively low damage to bestor can be mitigated somewhat by bestor's engulfing flames. In the case that voss misses or fails an intercept, catching up with bestor's healing requires some luck with crits. Some people prefer to use feast of blood however asuming both characters are at full HP and energy (and close range) engulfing flames actually wins this one out. For best results a combination of both should be used.

Items can have a significant effect on this matchup, if bestor has a prism or a ring of bravery, he gets an edge, and the same can be said for voss/tomes. Voss/tomes vs Bestor/Prism is mostly down to luck, with voss gaining an advantage due to her item doing and healing more damage.


Knight BestorEdit

Bestor vs OnimaruEdit

Bestor will win 1v1.

Bestor vs RumikoEdit

Bad matchup for Bestor. Bestor Flaming Sword Frenzy and Rumiko Ports out (she has little to gain from eviscerate, as it is the same speed as FSF). Bestor Pyroclasm’s and Rumiko uses Shuriken Barrage. Rumiko wins on turn 3 with 27 HP. Bestor can alternatively Force Close turn 2 and use Engulfing Flames, but will die turn 4. Can be useful to consider if switching is an option.

Bestor vs YoshiroEdit

Item dependant matchup. Generally Bestor wins, but General’s insignia makes the match favored to Yoshiro.

Bestor vs AndromedaEdit

Tossup, but Bestor favored (I think). The outcome is highly dependent upon correctly guessing range ranges and tactical rests. Bestor will likely come out ahead if switching is an option.

Bestor vs AnexEdit

Bestor slightly favored if close, Anex favored if far. Bestor and Anex trade blows, and Bestor will at worst trade with Anex if FSF procs off the 2nd hit, and win if it procs off of the 1st. Annex using Herbal remedy, getting a critical hit, or starting at far will allow her to have the advantage in this matchup.

Bestor vs AsheEdit

Bestor favored. FSF kills on turn 2, Bestor taking 51 damage from Signature Slice and 17 from Axe Handle.

Bestor vs HeleneEdit

Helene favored. Helene uses Frenzied strikes and kills turn 2.

Bestor vs  PheobeEdit

Bestor highly favored. Bestor kills after 2nd FSF, having taken little damage from Pheobe.

Bestor vs JujuEdit

Worst case scenario Bestor kills Juju on turn 3 (turn 2 if FSF does inflict burn), dies on turn 4 from ToD. Juju has advantages if switching is available, allowing him to potentially CoD and survive.

Bestor vs PopoEdit

Luck dependent, but Bestor Favored. Bestor should force close, FSF, rest twice and force close and FSF. Popo must get some combination of 2 slingshot critical hits or poison to win, and will have ~3 opportunities to do so.

Bestor vs TafariEdit

Tafari achieves pyrrhic Victory outside of 1v1 scenario. Bestor forces close and hits with FSF, then Tafari forces far and trades Pyroclasm with Poison Dart. Tafari will likely kill Bestor first, but his bench will take a beating.

Bestor vs UbuntuEdit

Bestor favored. Bestor forces close, uses FSF, Ubuntu goes far, uses Spirit Assistance, Bestor forces close and kills with FSF.

Bestor vs ZinaEdit

Bestor favored. Bestor wins Pyroclasm/Tiger Frenzy trades if he lands FSF before Zina forcing Far.

Bestor vs AmbrosiaEdit

Bestor favored. Ambrosia trades Vamp Kiss with FSF, allowing her to survive to turn 3 and being killed by a 3rd FSF. Coming in at far Ambrosia wins, as she will kill Bestor by trading Bleeding Ritual with Pyroclasm. Forcing Close would not be advantageous for Bestor in this situation.

Bestor vs CainEdit

Outcome depends on who range changes turn 1. If both or neither range change, Bestor will be able to land 2 FSF and take 59 damage. If only Cain or Bestor changes range, Cain will win. Cain favored if range starts at far.

Bestor vs CCEdit

Bestor highly favored. Kills on turn 2 after eating a Pilebunker to the face, or 2 voidstreams if CC forces far.

Bestor vs MLMEdit

Bestor wins on turn 3.

Bestor vs VVEdit

VV favored 1v1, but Bestor comes out ahead if he can switch successfully after trading blows. Bestor spams Engulfing Flames.

Bestor vs AugurEdit

Bestor slightly favored if starting at close, Augur favored if starting at far.

Bestor vs RanecEdit

Bestor favored. Essentially a significantly more favorable VV matchup.

Bestor vs StarbuckEdit

Starbuck slightly favored. He can win if the Gigaton Punch activates, but otherwise they trade.

Bestor vs DarlaEdit

Bestor favored. If Darla stuns with her Torpedo then she will win.

Bestor vs RathboneEdit

Bestor favored. Rathbone will likely want to force far and then trade Firestorm with Pyroclasm, though this is still unfavorable as he will have to rest after 3 turns.

Conventional WisdomEdit

OUTDATED after 1.8 changes** This table lists the conventional wisdom about how your character (left) will do against an opponent's character (top). This assumes that: Both characters are at full life and energy, at close range, and items are not in effect.

Amaya 0 - + - - + - - - - + + 0 + + 0 - + - -
Higashi 0 0 + + 0 + 0 + + - 0 0 - + 0 0 0 + - -
Oni - - 0 + + - - + - - + 0 - - + - - - - +
Rumiko + - - 0 - + 0 - - - + - - + + - + + + -
Yoshiro + 0 - + 0 - - + - + + - - 0 + 0 + - + -
Andro - - + - + 0 - + + 0 + + - + + + - - + +
Anex + 0 + 0 + + 0 + + + + + + 0 + 0 + 0 + +
Ashi + - - + - - - 0 0 - - + - - + + - - + -
Helene + - + + + - - 0 + + - - - + - - - + 0
Phoebe + + + + - 0 - + - 0 - + 0 + + + + + + -
Juju - 0 - - - - - + - + 0 + + + + - - - - -
Popo - 0 0 + + - - - + - - 0 + - + - + + - +
Tafari 0 + + + + + - + + 0 - - 0 - + - + - - -
Ubuntu - - + - 0 - 0 + + - - + + 0 + - + + + -
Zina - 0 - - - - - - - - - - - - 0 - - + - -
Ambro 0 0 + + 0 - 0 - + - - + + + + 0 + - + -
Cain + 0 + - - + - + + - + - - - + - 0 - - -
Corny - - + - + + + + + - + - + - - + + 0 + +
MLM + + + - - - - - - - + + + - + - + - 0 -
Voss + + - + + - - + 0 + + - + + + - + - + 0
  • Key:
    • + : Advantage
    • 0 : No Advantage
    • - : Disadvantage