Flash Powder
Flash Powder
Type Item
Group Martial Artists
Effect 40% chance to dodge intercept

Flash Powder is an item which can only be used by the Martial Artists. This item gives the equipping character a 40% chance to dodge intercept. The bonus from Flash Powder is additive: it will give Rumiko a 90% chance to dodge interceptions, and Yoshiro 50%.

Kongai Card Album Description Edit

Lets you switch characters more safely, so could be used on anyone. When used with Rumiko, it makes her extremely difficult to intercept.

Flash Powder on characters Edit

Martial Artists Edit

  • Amaya - Because of low health, Amaya is especially hurt by intercepts, and Flash Powder can help.
  • Higashi - Flash Powder is not an ideal item for Higashi since he is generally used as a tank. Not that he can't benefit from this item, but he can be far more effective with others.
  • Onimaru - This item can be useful if Onimaru is in unfavorable situation.
  • Rumiko - This item can help Rumiko play to one of her strengths, making it harder to intercept her: she will have a 90% chance to dodge interceptions. However, Scroll allows her to cast Eviscerate twice in a row.
  • Yoshiro - Yoshiro can benefit from this item depending on how you play him. It can be risky, but if played strictly as a closer, being brought in only to finish off another charcter then switching him out, he can benefit by having a better chance to dodge an intercept attempt.

Full Art Edit

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