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Abilities Fully Integrated (1/27/2011)
We've just finished redoing every last ability page. Now they've got all their information neatly organized in a box on the right, and are properly categorized. Some of them may still need content, however, and any help is appreciated!
Slow Loading (1/24/2011)
We've been experiencing sluggish page loading and occasional DB lockups. Wikia has assured us that this is due to a software upgrade, and should go away soon. You can see a discussion on the topic here.
Over 200 Articles! (1/11/2011)
I just noticed we have over 200 articles now! The number of Kongai-related articles on Kong Wiki was estimated at 250, which means we're probably pretty close to done importing! We still need most of the item pages, and probably a few mechanics pages too.
And for those of you who celebrate: happy 1/11/11!
All Characters Imported! (1/6/2010)
Have a favorite character? We've just finished importing the last of the Character pages from Kong Wiki, and some of them need help. Visit your favorite Character's page and see if you can improve it!
Kongai Wiki is Founded! (1/4/2010)
We're brand new, and we need lots and lots of experienced Kongai players to help add content!

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Brackets for TheIdioticIdiot's Tournament - Round 2 Host: TheIdioticIdiot
Info: Here are the brackets
The second round begins now, you have until 01/15/11 to find and play your opponent.

If you are looking for a match, please go to Chat Room #42.
Any matches not played will be auto draws.

1 harrisonp
Witches, Sophie
2 TheIdioticIdiot
Knights, Rathbone
3 triplecrown
Martial Artist, Rumiko
4 crazyguy_co
Tiki Villagers, Zina
5 Tom7450
Knights, Rathbone
6 puppylove4
Robots, Gorbax
7 Gabriel97
Vampires, Ambrosia
8 gordo46
Knights, Rathbone
9 Fenrix
Knights, Wei Shan
10 Raegn21
Amazons, Anex
Vampires, Cornelius Constantine
12 Tokkele
Knights, Rathbone
13 PhantomofteOpera
Knights, Gunbjorn
14 TheDarkMuse
Tiki Villagers, Juju
15 Qazqar
Vampires, Vanessa Voss
16 orran
Vampires, Vanessa Voss
17 Lightshaver
Knights, Oxbox
18 Exoduus
Vampires, Cain Solomon
19 dmx87212
Amazons, Helene
20 darkfrogger
Vampires, Cornelius Constantine

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Featured Article - Valkyrie's Charm

Valkyrie's Charm

The Valkyrie's Charm increases the speed of all your attacks by +1. This item allows you to out speed your opponent's attacks giving you a very decisive edge in battle. Amazons only item.

Featured Media - Auger Blackboot

Auger Blackboot
Auger Blackboot hails as the fierce captain of a pirate ship.

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