Type Character
Group Robots
Version 2.4
Health 70
Physical Def 2
Light Def 0
Dark Def 8
Innate Drains 40 energy when successfully swapped out.
Attacks Indifferent Strikes, Energy Sap, Forlorn Poetry, Depressive Mood


Meh, what's the point...


MR-V1N Stats

Equippable ItemsEdit

Robot ItemsEdit

  • Energy Core: Useful item, but doesn't have too much specialty when used on MR-V1N
  • Z-Phase Converter: Useful item, MR-V1N can take quite a bit of damage due to his fragileness toward Light Magic and Physical.
  • Omega Boosters: Very useful item, boosts MR-V1N's damage output by a fair amount.
  • A66 Capacitor: Possibly the best item for MR-V1N depending on playing style; Alternative item of Omega Boosters.
  • Null Matrix: Situational.

General ItemsEdit



  • The unique ability to drain the opponent's energy.
  • His energy drain ability can "soft interrupt" attacks that cost more than how much energy is left after the drain.
  • High Dark Magic resistance, second highest of all characters (Marquis Le Morte being the first).
  • Depressive Mood has good synergy with Forlorn Poetry, and affects all enemies.
  • Indifferent Strikes is somewhat spam-able vs. characters with little or no physical resistance.


  • Fragile to Physical attacks
  • No light magic resistance
  • All his damaging moves are pretty slow.
  • Deals low damage
  • Energy Sap is very costly, and it might not proc all the time.
  • Depressive Mood might not proc all the time, and is somewhat limited (only Dark Magic resistance being lowered).

Known BugsEdit

  • None


  • MR-V1N's Forlorn Poetry is the only attack in the game that has two different sound effects.
  • MR-V1N's name is an obvious reference to Marvin, The Paranoid Android from The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.

Full Art Edit

MR-V1N, the Synthetic Depressive