Sacred Candle
Sacred Candle
Type Item
Group Amazons
Effect 50% chance to avoid debuffs

Amazons only item. The Sacred Candle provides a 50% chance to avoid debuffs. This item is extremely useful. It can block poisons, bleeding, interrupts, stuns, -hit% modifiers, -stat modifiers, and basically any negative effect that can be applied to a character. Very useful against Ubuntu's Spirit Assistance, but still dangerous to count on.

When Sacred Candle is the reason a character has avoided a debuff, the user has a black glow around them in the combat window, and text above their head reads Immune - <debuff name>. Oddly, this Immune message can display against a hits fleeing attack like Spectral Choke if you aren't switching, but the Candle will not actually prevent an attack from hitting a fleeing Amazon. This also will not block an unremoveable debuff.

Kongai Card Album Description Edit

The Candle can prevent a ridiculous number of effects throughout the game, making it a strong choice on any Amazon.

Sacred Candle on characters Edit

Amazons Edit

  • Andromeda - Andromeda is a rather fragile character, and would be better off using an item to increase her damage (Sharpening Stone) or her survivability from direct attacks (Reinforced Breastplate.)
  • Anex - Anex is usually better off with Sharpening Stone or Valkyrie's Charm. Choosing to use Sacred Candle with Anex is more personal taste.
  • Ashi - Ashi is a 'tank' character, so one of the ways to defeat her is to use lots of Debuffs such as Bleed or Poison. Sacred Candle helps counteract this.
  • Helene - Helene is also a 'tank' character, so the above applies.
  • Phoebe - Phoebe could benefit from this item, however there are more effective choices, mainly Sharpening Stone, to take advantage of her high damage. Again, taking the Sacred Candle with you is more to do with your deck strategy than individual strength.

Full Art Edit

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