Shadow Curse
User Amaya Version 2.4
Damage 0 Type dark
Cost 25 Speed 7
D/C 0 Range Both
Hit% 95% Proc% 100%
Effect Reduces hit rate of all enemies by 20% for 6 turns, hits a fleeing opponent.
Description None

Strategy Edit

Strengths Edit

  • Fast.
  • The effect of Shadow Curse is multiplicative.
  • Cheap.
  • Can make some attacks such as Enchant Blade and Rain Dance "miss" and not have an effect.
  • Hits fleeing.

Weaknesses Edit

  • It is usually not worth to sacrifice Amaya in order to make few Shadow Curses.
  • The percentages do not add; rather, they multiply.
    • Therefore, five shadow curses in a row will not make the opponent miss 100% of the time. It works as "original to hit * 80% * 80% * 80% * 80% * 80%" (or original * 32.77%)
  • No damage means that she'll be swiss cheese when he's on his second or third curse applications, as the effect takes about four turns to be really noticable.

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Changes scheduled with next versions Edit