v2.4 Edit

Note that this is a changelog from v1.9e (the last playable version released to the public before the Pirates update), so some changes will be duplicated in the v1.10b update log.

Martial Artists
*Amaya, Shadow Curse hits fleeing enemies (still hits benched enemies, too)
*Onimaru, Sword Flurry damage 5x7 -> 6x6. (Helps in general, especially against Balthazar though.)
*Onimaru, Ancestral Curse and Ancestral Spirit energy cost down 10 -> 5
*Onimaru, Ancestral Curse and and Ancestral Spirit both have 90% chance to hit and 100% chance to proc, rather than the other way around. Origami Crane now makes this 100% chance to work.
*Onimaru, Ancestral Curse duration up 4 -> 5 turns
*Onimaru, Ancestral Spirit duration up 3 -> 4 turns
*Origami Crane, "your attacks cannot miss" -> "your attacks cannot miss and your stats cannot be lowered" (this means resistances and speeds, same as Cornelius innate)
*Origami Crane, also stops damage reduction debuffs (Tiger's Claw, Crippling Palm)
*Caltrops, damage up 10 -> 14
*Jade Figurine health bonus up 10->15
*Jade Figurine can be broken (Phoebe) or stolen (Darla) which would result in a 15 HP drop
*Flash Powder now works at like Rumiko's innate (though still has 40% rate). Before, when it triggered you'd take no damage from the intercept but you wouldn't actually switch out. Now you will switch out.

*Ashi, Signature Slice energy cost down 50 -> 45
*Ashi, Power Swing energy cost down 20 -> 15
*Ashi, Axe Handle hit rate up 90%->100%
*Andromeda, Crippling shot hit rate up 90% -> 95%
*Andromeda, Trueshot energy cost down 50 -> 45
*Anex, Boomerang Chakram used to hit fleeing 100% due to a bug. Now hits fleeing 85%.
*Anex, Chakkra Slash speed reduction toned down slow effect down (-4 speed for 2 turns) -> (-2 speed for 2 turns)
*Anex, light resist down 6->3
*Phoebe, Hamstring duration increased 2 -> 3 turns.
*Phoebe, Hamstring proc 90%->100%
*Phoebe, Deafening Crack duration 3->4 turns
*Phoebe, Rapid Lashes hit rate up 90%->95%
*Helene, light resist up 1->5
*Helene's enchant blade duration increased from 2 to 3 turns.
*Helene's Sword Slash hit rate up 90% -> 95%.
*Helene's Sword Slash proc changed from 30% chance of +30 energy to 50% chance of +20 energy
*Helene's Frenzied Strikes damage up 7x6 -> 8x6.
*Helene's Shield Bash energy down 50->45.
*Valkyrie's Charm speed increase down +2 -> +1
*Reinforced Breastplate gives 1 dark resist and 1 light resist in addition to 4 physical armor.

Tiki Villagers
*Juju, hp down 80->75
*Juju, innate curing debuff percentage down 30%->20%
*Juju, Curse of Juju cannot be removed.
*Juju, healing spell can't be done two turns in a row
*Juju, Touch of Doom can no longer be removed by any effect.
*Ubuntu's innate gives smaller energy penalty to the enemy 10 ->5.
*Ubuntu's Rain Dance energy cost down 30 -> 20.
*Zina's Eye of the Tiger hit rate increased 95% -> 100%.
*Deadly Poison's duration reduced from 6 turns to 5 turns.
*Deadly Poison's proc rate percentage down from 80% to 70%.
*Tiger’s Claw effect reduces enemy's damage by 2 this turn if you attack or attempt to intercept (it's faster than all attacks) instead of previous bleed damage

*Cain, Tackle damage up 27 -> 28
*Cain, Tantrum duration increased 2 -> 3 turns.
*Cain's Tantrum energy cost down 30 -> 20 and damage boost down +4 -> +3
*Voss, Double Slash damage down 16x2 -> 15x2
*Ambrosia, Bleeding Ritual is an unremovable debuff
*Ambrosia’s Vamp Kiss heals 100% of damage dealt instead of 90%
*Ring of Curses, hit rate debuff stronger 10% -> 15%
*Gem of Souls, gives the wearer 30 energy when it triggers, in addition to what it does now
*Necronomic Tomes, damage/healing down 10 -> 8
*Blood Vial, now heals 3 each turn you're on the bench (including natural 1hp/turn heal) like it used to.

General Items
*Girdle of Iron Will, now also protects against crits.
*Girdle of Iron Will, chance to avoid stun/interrupt 75% -> 100%
*Yellow Rock of Cowards, damage up 6->8. Also, it will deal 16 damage in the case where both players switch at the same time.

v1.10b Edit

  • Deadly Poison duration reduced from 6 to 5 turns (reducing its total damage by 2).
  • Reinforced Breastplate gives 1 dark resist and 1 light resist in addition to 4 physical armor.
  • Caltrops damage increased 10 ->11
  • Jade Figurine health bonus up 10->15
  • Helene's enchant blade duration increased from 2 to 3 turns, maybe.
  • Helene's Sword Slash hit rate up 90% -> 95%.
  • Helene's Sword Slash proc changed from 30% chance of +30 energy to 50% chance of +20 energy
  • Helene's Frenzied Strikes speed up 7->8.
  • Cain's Tantrum energy cost down 30 -> 20 and damage boost down +4 -> +3

v1.9e Edit

Cornelius, hp reduced 80->75

Cornelius, when Pilebunker crits, it does 70 rather than 75 damage (x1.4 bonus rather than x1.5) so that it does not have a chance to instant kill so many characters on turn 1.

Marquis, Blood Burn effect now decreases damage and resistances by 3 instead of by 2.

Marquis, Vampiric Touch hit rate up 96%->98%

Marquis, Life Drain hit rate up 90%->94%

Rumiko, Eviscerate damage down 20->18 (Weakens the Eviscerate, rest, repeat loop.)

Yoshiro, Rising Dragon damage down 25->24

Higashi, Open Palm chance to interrupt up 25%->30%

Higashi, Open Palm energy down 40->35

Amaya, Physical armor up 2->3

Amaya, Shadow Curse and Shadow Wrath hit fleeing enemies (still hits benched enemies, too)

Amaya, Shadow Wrath damage up 12->14

Onimaru, Sword Flurry hit rate down 95%->94%

Onimaru, Double Slash hit rate up 90%->98%

Onimaru, Double Slash now has 25% chance to disable range changing next turn.

Juju, Staff Strike replaced with new move: Curse of Juju. 25 energy, 3 speed, deals 20 damage at the end of next turn, ignores enemy resistances. Close/far.

Ubuntu, hit points down 80->75

Zina, hit points down 75->70

Zina, energy gain from innate down to +30 rather than +40.

Andromeda, Trueshot hit rate up 97%->100%

Andromeda, Trueshot energy cost down 55->50

Andromeda, Crippling Shot damage up 15->20

Anex, Boomerang hit rate up 90%->100%

Anex, Boomerang proc rate (on hits fleeing) down 100%->90% (note: above two changes together are strictly more powerful than before)

Anex, Chakkra Slash slows enemy's next attack by 4 instead of by 3.

Origami Crane should give Onimaru's curse/buff 100% hit rate.

Sharpening Stone crit rate +25% rather than +30%

Tiger Claw ability replaced, now does 12 damage *to* failed intercepts.

Quickening Powder, no longer tells opponent which of your moves is faster ahead of time.

Blood Vial alternates healing 3hp, 2hp, 3hp, 2hp, etc, rather than always healing 3hp.

v1.6 Edit

Ranked matches. These matches show your skill relative to other players, and is based on the ELO chess ranking system (and influenced by Bungie’s system for Halo) where beating a player with a high skill level increases your level much more than beating one of the same or lower skill level.

* Server polls clients for status frequently to improve the experience when one player has a slow connection.

* A mute button the main menu. So please no comments: “1/5 needs mute button” :-D

* Your win/loss stats are shown on main menu.

* New players with 3 or more character cards can postpone picking starter cards.

* Quick Tips added to the Starter Card Selection screen with advice on picking cards and three suggested starter decks

* Quick Tips added to the Deck Builder

* Earn cards page explains how to earn cards

* Balance changes 1.6 seen here:

* Many, many bug fixes: -Sacred Candle can no longer remove an innate ability -Leafy Trap is not sprung by enchanted attacks -Scroll of Inner Focus has no effect on 0 energy move -Cards no longer get stuck if clicked on during switch -Cornelius is immune to slow -Procs no longer do an extra turn of damage -Takes 55 energy to change range with Stoneheel Totem -Attack buttons update to reflect General’s Insignia and Staff Strike -Chakkra Slash can’t make Trueshot -1 Speed -If deck card killed with Gem of Souls equipped, deck card’s innate ability stolen instead of active card -many other smaller fixes

What’s coming soon:

* Improved AI for single-player/practice mode

* More bug fixes, keep the reports coming!

* Continued Balancing

v1.0 3/7/08 Edit

Characters Edit


  • Crippling Shot energy cost up from 0->35


  • Power Swing speed 8->4
  • Axe Handle 5->8
  • Axe Handle no longer interrupts


  • Power Lash energy down from 80->70
  • Power Lash damage down from 60->58

Items Edit

  • Valkyrie's Charm now increases all attack speeds of the equipped character by 2.

Notes Edit