Z-Phase Converter
Z-Phase Converter
Type Item
Group Robots
Effect Gives 1 energy per damage taken

Z-Phase Converter is an item which only can be used by Robots. The Z-Phase Converter gives you 1 point of energy for each point of damage your character takes.

Kongai Card Album Description Edit

Like the Energy Core, the Z-Phase Converter can enhance high-cost burst damage, though in a bit more of a sustained fashion.

Z-Phase Converter on CharactersEdit

  • Angelan Series D - The effect can be lessened by Cloak, but still good no matter what, however, Angelan is probably better off with something else.
  • Gorbax-Mark 2 - Very good item on Gorbax, this basically doubles his innate.
  • B9 - Good for the long run, but Energy Core is better if you just want immediate energy.
  • IBO-K9 - K9 should avoid as much damage as possible, so Z-Phase Converter isn't too good on him, he is probably better off with Energy Core.
  • MR-V1N - Combined with Z-Phase Converter, MR-V1N can win an energy game with just about any character, OK choice.

Full Art Edit

Z-Phase Converter-0